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Poolside Series: Sienna Diaz

Poolside Series: Sienna Diaz

Sienna Diaz is a local NYC influencer & social media strategist who self describes as a mermaid on land.  She joins us poolside at Margaritaville Times Square to talk all things Summer.


If you only could take 3 things to the pool what would they be?

Tanning oil, a claw clip and a turkey sandwich... I don't know why but sandwiches just hit different after a nice dip in the pool.

Are you a one-piece or bikini girl?

One-pieces are soo cute, especially ones with fun cutouts BUT I am a bikini girl at heart.

What is your favorite swim piece from elise x elisia ?

The Mona One-Piece in Blue!

How many swimsuits do you own ?

I have a little over 20 swimsuits. I need to have a nice variety, some for tanning the cheeks and some that are more... you know... family friendly LOL.

Your go-to Summer drink?

A Virgin Pina Colada! Not the bootleg slushy ones though. I'm talking about the homemade Coladas that are rich and super smooth. Bonus points if it has whip cream

Your favorite rooftop bar in NYC?

Westlight at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn.

Your dream vacation destination?


What is your self-care routine?

I love to start and end my days journaling, whether it's about my feelings at the moment or any creative ideas I come up with, checking in with myself daily is a priority.

What is your favorite Summer memory?

I have so many, but my most recent favorite Summer memory is when I went to Cabo last year for the first time with my family. From the food to the views, everything was amazing.